​C​hlo​​é​​​belles​'​s​ Cakes​



Hi I'm Davinia Davies owner and founder of Chloébelle's Cakes. Shortly after my move to France in 2010 I followed  my dreams and persued my passion for baking. I had from a young age had a love for baking. My earliest memories of being let loose in the kitchen were at my Granny Mary's house who nurtured my enthusiasm and eventually entrusted me with her recipe book, some of which have been handed down through generations.

Our Vision

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Why Choose Us?

 "From my experiences over the years I understand the importance of working closely with a couple. I often find my clients sharing their Pintrest boards with me, providing me with a wealth of inspiration so that together we can design a stunning centrepiece for your special day."

Davinia Davies

Fresh Ingredients

We pride ourselves on buying local and supporting other local businesses. This means we can use the freshest ingredients in all our cakes. 

Baked With Love 

We love what we do so naturally everything we bake is baked with love.

On Time Delivery

We work closely with our clients and planners to ensure your cake is delivered and assembled at a convenient time. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

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